Poor snake

  • Brandon Oium

    There are almost 3000 species of snake, not just one.

    • http://zerobs.net/ Vincent van Goth

       that’s correct. It is a suborder, not species

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_F7WYFQDJHR6WOHBLQOVAGHYISY Kevin Kessler

    All religions sully the reputation of Homo Sapiens. 

    • http://zerobs.net/ Vincent van Goth

      man, that’s so true 

  • Atwas911

    Yeah.. Nevermind the fact that its a lie ment for the manipulation, control, and extortion of an entire species. An inflicted mental illness that is spread solely though the means of the capture, torture, and mental rape of their children, damaging their minds for life, teaching the love of fiction over fact and causing life long evidence denial because of the confliction between evidence and faith.

    People who teach religions to children should be executed for crimes against humanity.