More science vs. religion

  • Liu Xaun

    More like Red Bull and capitalism dropped him.

    • Sean L. Gilley

      Red Bull/capitalism may have funded the stunt (yeah, it was a stunt), but science made the stunt possible.

    • Ravengenocide

      So what? Are experiemnts not valid if they are funded by capitalism?

    • Richmeister

      What a retarded thing to say.

      • bobs automotive

        oh but SOOOOOOOOO true

  • Max Brockbank

    Er. She’s not dead … she’s currently being treated in an NHS hospital in the UK for free! Now let’s argue over the principle of denying people medical treatment because they’re too poor.

    • bobs automotive

      so let me get this straight…its ok for a religion to shoot a girl wanting education becuase she’s not dead and is getting free health care???? Boy you are perverse!!!

    • MJ

      She was lucky to get medical treatment. Its because she denied the taliban. If it were any other child shot for any other reason. do you think people would care this much? People like Martyrs.

    • Mike

      From what I can tell, nowhere does it say she died. It just says she was shot. More specifically, she was shot for religious reasons that didn’t like the fact that she wanted an education.