Jesus vs Horus

  • Invidia

    Actually, Jesus’ star was also claimed to have been in the east… and the wise men supposedly came from the east… which makes absolutely no sense. Did they walk away from the star?

  • Guy Sisemore

    These never turn out to be quite as neat and tidy as this makes out, even if the point is valid. I’d like to look into when I have time, I’ll post my findings, unless someone beats me to it. I’m especially curious about the Lazarus/ El-Azur-us part, very curious indeed.

  • LongshotLink

    Does Horus look like a Tapir climbing over a rock to anyone else?

  • James Smith

    I have pointed out these comparisons of the jesus myth to those of Horus, Attis, and Mithra many times. Invariably, the christians claim they are either not true (even with supporting references given) or that there were “false gods” or prophesies that were fulfilled by the coming of jesus.

    There is simply no lie, no myth, no willful ignorance too great for a christian not to use it.

    • Ron Moses

      > There is simply no lie, no myth, no willful ignorance
      > too great for a christian not to use it.

      As an atheist, I only wish that weren’t true of so many of us as well.

      • James Smith

        Tell me, exactly what lie, myth, or willful ignorance have I used? What have I posted that is not true> Please provide proof.

        • anonymousnyc

          Well I’m gonna have to go with the fact that you are referencing memes to make a point about something so much more detailed in precise. But I guess who gives a shit about credibility anymore? Why not just parrot google results and act like you know what you’re talking about. I don’t care the label or beliefs, stupid is still stupid. And will forever be.

          • James Smith

            Like all intellectual cowards, you avoid my question and try to change the subject. What have I posted that is not true?

            You think religion has credibility? It is nothing more than lies and myths.

            If I don’t know what I’m talking about, prove it. That’s an invitation to demonstrate your superior knowledge.

            I am sure you know far more about stupid than I do. Your posts prove it.

            Please stop being an intellectual and ethical coward and prove your assertions.

    • Mark P Richardson

      There are certainly some parallels between various mythical figures.
      However the Horus – Christ stuff seems to be pure invention.

      There are lengthy and thorough refutations of this stuff – some from a christian perspective but they actually cite sources.

      The similarities between various god figures might be from copying/inheritance – or it might stem from the fact that all humans from all cultures have the same kinds of concerns – birth, death, war, love, hate…and live on the same earth, under the same Sun and sky

      • James Smith

        Yes, there are parallels between the figures. Why do yo say that it “seems to be pure invention?” DO you have any evidence of that? You can look it up with any search engine and find that it is not.

        What is pure invention is the jesus myth. Did you know that is not a single contemporary account of any jesus? Here are a few things to consider.

        As stated by Dr. Bart Ehrman, Professor of religious studies at the University of North Caroline, Chapel Hill, NC said, “In the entire first Christian century, Jesus is not mentioned by a single Greek or Roman scholar, politician, philosopher, or poet. His name never appears in a single inscription, and it is never found in a single piece of private correspondence. Zero! Zip references!”

        In the case of the historical Jesus, there is not one contemporary record of his existence. The Romans, who otherwise kept very good records never mentioned a figure who was supposed to be socially, politically, and spiritually so significant as well as publicly performing many miracles; then was executed after a very public trial.

        Not until the Gospel of Mark, written from 40 to over 100 years after the supposed crucifixion, (depending upon which biblical scholar you choose to believe) is there any mention of Jesus. If we look at the fables of Horus, Attis, and Mithra, we see amazing similarities. Born in low circumstances on December 25, 12 followers, executed at an early age, son of a god, the list goes on. It would appear that the early church, in need of a powerful central figure, “borrowed” from earlier myths to create a rallying point for their religion.

        A Few Noticeable Events in the Life of Jesus

        Herod’s slaughter of all the baby boys in Bethlehem.

        Jesus’ triumphant entry in Jerusalem, where the entire town welcomes him as their king.

        Jesus casting out the greedy moneychangers. (in an area about the size of 34 football fields)

        Two earthquakes his Jerusalem.

        Supernatural darkness covers “all the land” for hours.

        The Sacred Temple curtain tears from top to bottom.

        All the dead holy men in the cemetery come out of their graves and wander Jerusalem, “appearing to many.”

        And yet, contemporary historians in the time of Jesus didn’t write about any of this.

        Christianity was founded upon lies and has been lying from then until this day.

  • Jon

    This is Zeitgeist propaganda.

    • anonymousnyc

      :slow clap:

      Wait, sorry. You’re an idiot.

  • Mark P Richardson

    This list is hooey.
    Isis a virgin? Really?
    In the story I know, a grieving Isis uses her magic (and
    feminine charm!) to get the dead god Osiris to “rise to the occasion”
    and impregnate her with his seed – she then gives birth to their son
    Horus who goes on to avenge his fathers murder.
    How you go from “sexy grieving widow” to “virgin” is beyond me.

    All the other parallels listed are recent inventions – there are no ancient sources for these claims.

  • Gianluca Tesi

    I’m atheist, but a little fact checking wouldn’t hurt. Some similarities are true and most are not (’s no need to exaggerate: christianity is absurd enough by itself!

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