Debating with a christian

debating with a cristian

Been there, done that. Next time I’d rather bang my head against the wall. Literally

  • B. Johnson

    Try ANY religion and you’ll see…

  • Davenr

    Hey, that’s
    a pretty good description of what I’ve found, when trying to enter sensible
    discussion with most adherents to the religions known as Atheism and
    Evolutionism who, in spite of the facts, decide to ignore them, preferring
    instead to come up with all manner of phoney and shot theories, combined with a
    bucketload of pure fantasy, in order to give their faith some credibility, at
    least, in their own eyes. Man, the abuse they sometimes give you, if you don’t
    agree with their religion – it’s enough to make you laugh yourself to death,
    obviating any need to bang your head against a wall to do so!

    • Guy Sisemore

      That’s because your “facts” are nonsense or at least non-science.
      Provide one real fact that indisputably demonstrates young earth or creationism.