Atheist wars

  • Jeremy Barbe

    In the same logic, just because some people have committed atrocities in the name of religion, doesn’t mean that religion caused it. Just tard people from tard religions. Not to defend religion, but I’m tired of atheist commentators picking the easy fights against it and/or creating a hasty generalization of a religious person’s mental capacity. If we have any commitment to the progression of the human race you’ll listen to what they have to say with the intention of open conversation rather than make assumptions about their intelligence level that makes them easier to stereotype and dismiss. COMIC IS BIASED (I’m an atheist)

    • Indefatigable

      The Crusades? Ring a bell?

  • Joey

    No. Someone who was religious starting a war would not not necessarily be because of their religion. You are just an idiot if you truely are “an atheist” as you claim, as you use the horrendous logical fallacies of a god-shmooker as well as the best televangelist. The comic SPECIFICALLY STATES that a war IN THE NAME OF ATHEISM is not what they did. If someone “committed atrocities in the name of religion” then that is, by definition, because of their religion. Hitler did not fly the banner of atheism, nor the banner of moustaches. If anything, he flew the banner of god with his “Got Mit Uns” insignia(it means “god (is)with us”.

    Also, I make no hasty generalizations, as you can see from the fact that I read to the end of your post. I do not however believe you are in fact atheist, as you talk about how you’re tired of atheists doing this and atheists doing that. You sound like an outsider complaining about a group of people you completely misunderstand/want to make look bad, plus you use the same faulty logic as the religious that this comic is making fun of. I’m calling either BS or Poe on you. If Poe then I congratulate you. If not, I feel sorry for you and the twisted world you live in.